The Best Double Strollers for an Infant and Toddler

When looking for double strollers for an infant and toddler, most users find that a tandem stroller, with one seat behind the other, is preferable to a side by side stroller. Although the length of a tandem stroller can make it awkward to turn, it is much easier to get through narrow doorways, as well as allowing more flexibility for the children’s seating. There is a very wide range of competing models available, so for the first time buyer it can be hard to know what to look for.

The model that has the best ratings across most user and professional reviews is the Graco Quattro Tour Duo, which is sold alongside a slightly cheaper and lighter model, the Graco Duo Glider LX. Some users prefer this as they find the 39 pound weight of the Quattro Tour Duo makes it too much of an effort, but the majority vote for the Quattro which they find feels more solid and safe. The back seat is raised, enabling both children to enjoy a view as they are pushed along, and also can recline completely flat so that either the toddler or the baby can have a nap – this is an extremely popular feature. Most users say that their toddler loves to be in the front seat, while the baby seat at the back has an excellent cover to shelter the baby from either rain or sun. Some however complain that the foot rests are too far down in both the front and back, so that neither child has anywhere to put its feet. Another complaint is that it is unwieldy to stow in the back of the car.
The feature of the Contours Options Tandem Stroller that gets most users excited is its adaptability, as each of the two seats can be adjusted to no less than six different positions. This is the only one of the three in which the two children can sit facing each other if this is desired, and many users report that their children really enjoy sitting this way. This model takes up much less space in the back of the car than the other two, as the seats can easily be taken out. This also means that the seats can be taken out when out and about, keeping the children buckled in, greatly reducing the stress of family outings. The adjustability of this model also means that it is easy to adapt to use for just one child, when the other grows out of it. The only real drawback for most users is the lack of a cupholder.
The most expensive of the three strollers is the Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller. Reviews of this product are extremely enthusiastic, calling it awesome, a dream, and by far the best. One reviewer commented that she was glad not to have bought the Graco, where the heavier child needs to be in the front, because her baby loves the view in the front seat. At 47 pounds this is reasonably light, making it easy to maneuver around, and it is the only one in which the front wheels lock into place, making it so much easier to move from pavement to grass and back. Users also love the very capacious basket underneath. The main drawback for some users is that the front seat is too upright to be really comfortable.
The decision as to which stroller is best for you will depend to a large extent on your needs and your family situation, as well as your budget. Of the three double strollers for infant and toddler reviewed here, the Chicco Cortina seems to come out on top for maneuverability and ease of use, which is a major factor for most people – though it may not be the best value for money. The Contours Options Tandem with its unique level of adjustability gains top marks for versatility, and for overall value is probably very hard to beat.

double strollers for infant and toddler

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